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  • Repair Outlook and Convert OST to PST

    Posted on May 16th, 2012 admin No comments

    Repair Outlook PST and OST files, Convert OST to PST Repair Outlook tool (download) eRepair Outlook specializes in data recovery of Microsoft Outlook .pst files. One of the world’s most popular mail clients, Microsoft Outlook is a mail program which is packaged in the Microsoft Office software suite. Outlook repair software can also retrieve data from Microsoft Exchange .ost files and convert these .ost files into MS Outlook .pst format (convert .ost to .pst).

    Repair Outlook – Recovery of Microsoft Outlook data

    Data you store in Microsoft Outlook email program includes: contacts, tasks, meetings, mail messages, logs, and notes in files using Microsoft’s .pst format.

    Data recovery with eRepair Outlook can be done with just a few easy steps:

    1. accessing the pst file which has been damaged
    2. accessing and restoring the data within this .pst file
    3. saving restored information to a set of new .pst files

    The new files created by eRepair Outlook are able to be restricted in size using Tools | Options menu. For example you may save repaired PST data to multiple PST files 1GB each in size. Our repair outlook software can automatically save the information to multiple .pst files, so that each new file does not exceed 1GB. This option will be necessary for those who have Outlook of early version installed and faced with PST oversize problem.

    Requirements of eRepair Outlook (Repair Outlook PST) :

    Microsoft Windows OS 95-Win7. A working copy of Microsoft Outlook 98-2010 (32 bit only) is required on the target computer. Note: This version of eRepair Outlook does not yet support the 64-bit version of Microsoft Outlook 2010.

    The folder directories of new .pst files made with eRepair Outlook (download) Microsoft Outlook repair software will exactly mirror folder layouts that were created by Outlook in the original .pst files. Files or other data stored by Microsoft Outlook attached to the messages will also be recovered alongside the messages, then stored with the restored Outlook mail and objects that were a part of the file which has been corrupted. How to repair outlook data from damaged Outlook .pst files and messages is described here.

    eRepair Outlook does not sacrifice power for ease-of-use and clarity in recovering *.pst file data that has been damaged. eRepair Outlook is also distinguished because of the algorithm which helps it to repair information: Our Outlook mail recovery program does not index nor modify the .pst file which has been damaged during the process of Outlook repair, unlike many popular competitors which offer the same functionality.

    How to recover Outlook emails? Outlook email recovery process:

    Repair Outlook PST and OST filrs with our best in class Outlook Recovery toolIn a single recovery session, eRepair Outlook is able to recover the data of Outlook files from one single corrupted pst file. Therefore, to recover one more .pst file a user must initiate a new session of recovery with our eRepair Outlook program. The trial version of eRepair Outlook lets our users experience the full set of features of this Outlook mail software, but it places a limit on the amount of Microsoft Outlook objects that can be recovered. It is possible to restore up to five Outlook objects or messages per one folder. Using this Outlook repair program’s trial version, you will only be capable of recovering Outlook files from Outlook’s file objects in each folder of the .pst file which has been corrupted. After testing the functionality of this Outlook recovery program, it is possible to purchase the eRepair Outlook full version on the purchase page to remove the program’s limitations and restore Outlook mail objects of bigger size (up to 32TB) from damaged .pst files.

    How to repair Outlook messages? How to repair Microsoft Outlook?

    Another useful eRepair Outlook feature is the ability to save recovered Microsoft Outlook data as separate files. It is possible to save this restored information (notes, contacts, messages) as files in any of these formats:

    eml – this format is a standard for storing email data. Most commercial mail clients, Outlook Express included, support this standard
    msg – proprietary format of Microsoft Outlook messages. Such files can be dragged inside Outlook to import them.
    vcf – this extension, also known as Business Card format (vCard), is another very popular format which has support in many PIM (Personal Information Manager) programs.
    txt – this extension is a plain text file. Microsoft Outlook notes which have been repaired from a corrupted pst file can be saved as a .txt file with our program.

    Anything which was saved in the Microsoft Outlook folder (a note, a message, a log, a contact, a meeting, or a task) will be stored by eRepair Outlook separately as a file of the appropriate format. The folder structure at the end of the recovery process is an exact replica of the folder structure from the repaired pst file. This Outlook mail recovery program is also able to retrieve information from within the Microsoft Outlook pst file, impressive because it is normally not possible to export mail to standard message .eml format message files in Microsoft Outlook. Objects such as logs, meetings, and reminders are unable to be saved separately.

    Microsoft Outlook repair tool. Restoring Outlook contacts and emails.

    Recover Outlook contacts, emails, notes, calendar, tasks, attachments.ost format is for files in which Microsoft Exchange saves data while offline. eRepair Outlook (Outlook repair software) is able to repair this data (contacts, messages, and other items) within damaged .ost files in cases where the user’s account from the Microsoft Exchange server has been deleted, on occasions when Microsoft Exchange’s database is unreachable, or when this database has been damaged or destroyed. The trial version of eRepair Outlook is only able to store five items from each folder recovered into an .ost file.

    If necessary, it is possible that eRepair Outlook can be used to change an .ost file to the .pst format. Data saved in .ost format will be analyzed, identified, and finally stored on your hard drive in the .pst format. This created *.pst file is then usable in Microsoft Outlook or transferable to a different machine for use in the future.

    Technical information about eRepair Outlook in a nutshell:

    This program is able to restore Outlook data and files from damaged .pst files from any version of the Microsoft Outlook, from Outlook 97 through Microsoft Outlook 2010. In order to save repaired information in a file in the *.pst format, users should install Microsoft Outlook 97 or a newer version installed on their computer.

    • It is also possible to use eRepair Outlook to restore Outlook emails and information from damaged *.pst files encrypted with a password.
    • eRepair Outlook also has the ability to recover Outlook data and messages from damaged pst files which are bigger than 2GB, up to a maximum size of 32TB for *.pst files.
    • The mail repairing tool for Outlook can also fix Outlook data and recover Outlook mail from damaged *.ost files saved in Microsoft Exchange version 5.0, 5.5, 2000, 2003;
    • Our software can repair Outlook messages from .ost files protected by a password.
    • The Outlook mail repairing software can open *.pst and *.ost files stored with powerful encryption;
    • Our Outlook email recovery tool works on ost files as large as 32TB;
    • It also runs on any Windows OS, including Windows 98 (Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Vista, Win7);
    • This software provide the mail, contacts, calendar, notes, tasks recovery for Outlook;
    How to repair Outlook files? How to restore Outlook file?

    eRepair Outlook increases the chance to successfully recover Outlook information from damaged Microsoft Outlook files which appeared to be permanently broken. The program is accessible even to people who do not have professional experience with the procedure for repairing Outlook PST files, and is very easy to use. eRepair Outlook strengthens the ability of individuals who use Microsoft Outlook by enabling them to transfer mail through eml files, which is missing from Microsoft Outlook natively. This Outlook PST recovery tool allows users to restore Outlook contacts so that they can store them in .vcf files on the machine.

    eRepair Outlook is a reliable protection for your important data. The Outlook repair and PST recovery software is like insurance for your emails and contacts – Microsoft Outlook email recovery software.

    With eRepair Outlook you can:

    • Recover Outlook 97 messages;
    • Recover Outlook 98 messages;
    • Repair .pst Outlook 2000 files;
    • Recover .pst Outlook XP files;
    • Repair .pst Outlook XP SP2 files;
    • Recover Outlook 2003 messages;
    • Repair Outlook 2007 .pst files;